Golf Bag

Choosing the Right Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are the most important piece of golf equipment and have a dramatic influence on the game. While the right clubs can help you advance and become a better player with each round, poorly selected clubs can seriously interfere with your play and prevent you from progressing from a novice to an advanced player. Many golfers therefore choose their clubs very carefully, while many more need some help in the selection process.

In order to be able to choose the right golf clubs, you need to know which types of clubs are available and for what shots they are used. To move the game on a higher level, your set of clubs should include:

Driver. It is the longest of all clubs and it has the biggest head. It is used for shots requiring a larger distance but not much precision. Usually, it is not used for every hole. Most golfers usually keep only one driver in their golf bags also due to the fact that it is the most expensive club in the set.

Iron. It is one of the most important types of clubs and most shots are made by the use of an iron. It is used for a variety of shots but an iron is most often used for shots from the ground that require medium-length distances. A typical club set includes 7 irons of different loft angles that are marked with numbers from 1 to 10 with the most commonly used numbers from 3 to 10.

Wedge. It is defined as a sub-type of the iron and distinguishes itself from the latter for having a greater loft (from 45 degrees upwards). Wedge is used for shorter distance shots that require a higher precision and bring the ball as close to the hole as possible.

Putter. This type of golf club is used for the final act – rolling the ball into the hole. As a result, it has virtually no loft. Most golfers have only one putter in their “arsenal”.

Hybrid. It is a cross between a wood and iron. As a result, it can be used instead of both.

Now you know which types of clubs you need. But which ones to choose? After all, there are literally hundreds of brands to choose from. Unfortunately, you will have to figure out that on your own because every golfer has their own preferences and style. The same club that works perfectly for one golfer does not necessarily work for the other as well.

Take your time when choosing golf clubs, especially if you are a novice. If you are having difficulties deciding, it may be a good idea ask a local pro for an advice because they usually know what kind of clubs are more likely to work for you on the basis of your style of playing.