Golf Equipment

A Guide to Golf Equipment

If you want to play golf, you will obviously need proper golf equipment. But besides the main “ingredients” - the clubs and balls, there are a few other pieces of equipment that do not only make the game more enjoyable but often also have a major influence on the game itself.

Some of the must-haves besides golf clubs and balls include:

Golf bag. It is intended to store the clubs and other golf equipment to enable you to carry your equipment around with ease both to and on the course. But it is also intended to keep your golf equipment safe from potentially damaging elements and have it easily accessible. The choice of practical and good looking golf bags is enormous, while the prices start at about £50. Although you may feel tempted by the low-cost versions, you are recommended to invest in a quality bag because it will serve you for many years. In addition, high-end bags are usually also designed to be extra lightweight and feature various practical extras such as lots of pockets and built in stand.

Golf clothing. Since golf can be played in just about any kind of clothing including your favourite tracksuit or even jeans, golf clothing often does not get as much attention as it should. But the importance of comfort and self-confidence cannot be stressed enough for the game. If you do not feel good or if you do not feel comfortable, it will show on your shots. So if you think that you do not need golf clothing, think again. Ask yourself if you really feel comfortable and self-confident in your usual clothing? No? That is because it is not designed for sport activities. With so many stylish and above all, comfortable golf clothing to choose from, there is really no need to suffer discomfort or feel awkward on the course any longer.

Golf shoes. An average golf round lasts the entire afternoon which is why it is of utmost importance to have proper footwear. It must offer proper foot support, warmth yet “breathe” at the same time to prevent foot sweating and it should provide you a good grip and balance during swings. Therefore, you are recommended to invest in a quality pair of golf shoes.

Golf accessories. A variety of small but very important golf accessories will make the game a lot more enjoyable. Gloves will give you a much better grip and help prevent those painful blisters, an umbrella will allow you to continue with the game during a rain shower, a range finder will enable you to measure the distance between the pin and your current location,… Of course, there are also golf tees, ball retrievers, pitchmark repairers and ball markers, and many other gadgets that should always be in your golf bag.